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BP-500 Series Back Pack

The BP-500™ Series was engineered with a more mobile / flexible end user in mind. It is lightweight, durable, highly mobile and also incredibly effective for electrostatic delivery and optimum sanitization. This unit is ideal for disinfecting, decontamination, mold remediation and odor removal. Currently used by our affiliates, health clubs, car dealerships, airlines and residential applications.


  • Hose Length 6 ft
  • Weight full 30 lbs
  • Tank holds 2,360ml (.63 Gal)
  • Flow Rate 118ml/min (3.72 oz/min)
  • Droplet size 30-50 microns
  • Spray Range 6 – 10 ft
  • Run time/tank 22 minutes (Continuous)
  • Coverage per min. 500 sq ft
  • Coverage per tank 11,250 sq ft

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