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As Flu Season Arrives, Experts are Weary of a Potential “Twindemic”

As flu season arrives, experts are weary of a potential “twindemic”, in which the flu and COVID-19 cases simultaneously rise, overwhelming the healthcare system. ​​Experts recommend obtaining both immunizations, wearing masks, practicing excellent hand hygiene, and sanitize surfaces thoroughly to combat this issue.


MRSA Accounts for 20% of all Infections in Hospitals

MRSA accounts for 20% of all infections in hospitals; therefore, when Blount Memorial Hospital reported one whole year without an infection a celebration was in order. Blount Memorial's Leapfrog safety score improved dramatically because of fundamental infection control techniques like as hand hygiene and disinfection.


Experts Fear Worsened Conditions for Flu Season 2021

Although the flu season in 2020 was almost nonexistent due to COVID-19 mitigation strategies, experts fear worsened conditions this year. In addition, officials are concerned that individuals who are hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccination will act similarly towards the flu vaccination, increasing the number of flu cases this year.

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Cleaning for Health

While appearance and building maintenance are still important reasons to clean, the public health benefit of cleaning and disinfecting to help eliminate pathogens on surfaces is now more important than ever in in commercial settings. Even once the pandemic has passed, disinfecting needs to play a central role in keeping shared spaces cleaner, healthier places so people can thrive.


Electrostatics 101 - Series Part 1

Breaking Down Electrostatic Technology: How Do Electrostatics Work? Electrostatic Spraying works by charging liquid droplets as they pass through a nozzle. The resulting charged droplets actively seek out surfaces. Once droplets reach their target surface, they stick to the surface, and the charge dissipates.


Electrostatics 101 - Series Part 2

Breaking Down Electrostatic Technology: What’s the Difference Between Electrostatic Sprayers, Foggers, and Trigger Sprayers?When comparing electrostatic sprayers to other spray technologies like foggers, pump sprayers, and trigger sprayers, there are a few big differences. The main difference is that the disinfectant droplets are charged.


While our Attention has Shifted to COVID Prevention, Other Pathogens Still Require Infection Control Efforts

Candida auris is an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat. CDC is concerned about C. auris because it thrives in healthcare settings and has been shown to persist on environmental surfaces for at least seven days.


Quick Tips for Electrostatic Spraying Success: Educate Internally

Studies have shown environmental cleaning interventions that incorporate increased staff education can reduce the presence of Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, VRE on surfaces. As with all areas of infection prevention and public health, education up front can do a lot to mitigate concerns and misinformation.

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