Why join our BUNZL team

Clorox Professional Products has partnered with Service Tech Team to provide you real time customer support and simple troubleshooting tools to service and maintain the award winning Clorox(R) Total 360(R) electrostatic sprayer. The goal is to create a strategic alliance between Service Tech Team, you and your customers to facilitate a seamless maintenance program and maximize the benefits of this revolutionary technology.  The Clorox (R) Total 360(R) has been proven to deliver superior surface coverage of trusted Clorox(R) solutions for the most comprehensive disinfection available on the market today.  These devices were built for maximum efficacy, efficiency and durability while saving you time, money and labor. 

By joining our team as an Authorized Service Agent (ASA) you can learn how to easily repair and maintain the sprayer and get your clients back to work in a safe and timely manner.  If you would like to learn how to service the devices in the field, please complete the Become an ASA form below so we can provide you the tools and support to best serve your customers on this state of the art system. 


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